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This site is my little corner of the world wide web. It's where you'll find the things that I make, including my published writing.

There's lots of interesting places to explore on the net, so I appreciate you stopping by here.

About Me

I'm a writer, culture critic and blogger.

My work covers discussions regarding the Internet, social history, literature and media. I also write guides on minimalist tech and the small web.

Writing (See All)

Welfare Queens and Scroungers: How Media Narratives Demonize the Poor - " The media have long perpetuated the myth of the ‘responsible poor,’ feeding into the egos of those who sit from a place of privilege where escaping impoverishment appears easy."

The Commodification of Minimalism - On the rise of lifestyle materialism and consumer subcultures

Permacomputing: Tackling the Problem of Technological Waste - An essay discussing the concept of "permacomputing" and what a sustainable tech culture might look like

Why Personal Blogging Still Rules - "Your blog doesn’t have to be big and fancy. It doesn’t have to outrank everyone on Google, make money or “convert leads” to be important. It can be something that exists for its own sake, as your place to express yourself in whatever manner you please."

Marginalia & Why You Should "Ruin" Your Books - Annotations don't ruin books. They make them priceless.

In The Margins (See All)

My linkblog, where I provide commentary on stories and sites from around the web. Also available as a Newsletter or via RSS

Latest Edition:Retreating Into Futures Past

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